72 Percent Bank Employees Fear Getting Infected With Coronavirus.

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In these tough times due to Covid-19, bank employees are working as frontline corona warriors. However, they are fearing for their lives as they continue their day to day work. Almost 73 per cent of employees are living in a state of fear and feel they may get infected with coronavirus. More than half of the bankers fear losing their loved ones. This has been revealed in the survey conducted by Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (RINPAS). The survey was conducted from 15 April to 15 May and involved 517 employees from 23 states.

A few bankers have started suffering from depression in the last 1 month. Some of them are suffering from acute depression which is a cause for concern. Dr. Manisha, head of the Psychiatric Social work department, RINPAS, says that the employees need psychological help. These things can go ahead and cause serious health issues. The survey by RINPAS was to assess the effect of lockdown on bankers.

While some bank employees say that due to Covid-19 their family bonds have strengthened, some of the employees state the opposite. Employees also agreed that due to lockdown, their social life has been hampered.

Speaking to Bokaro Updates, Shailesh Prasad Singh, employed as a special assistant in Bank of India Sector 4 Branch said that there is a constant fear of contacting coronavirus. They deal with lots of visitors to the back daily, some of whom are illiterate and bank employees have to handle their passbooks, documents and other stuff. People come from far off areas and villages. Shailesh Prasad Singh further added that his lifestyle has been affected. When he returns home, the family members rather than welcoming them as before, ask to have proper sanitization and bath before touching anything. There is a feeling of being isolated in your own homes and family members stay away. All of this combines to create an atmosphere of fear in life.

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