Aamdiha’s District Council Member inspiring farmers by organic farming.

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District Council member and resident of Aamdiha, Chas, Sanjay Kumar is inspiring and encouraging farmers by growing watermelons and muskmelon in his 2 acre of farmland. Mr Kumar practices organic farming. It does not involve use of any type of chemical fertilizers. Water for irrigation comes via pumping from 2 ponds. Water is stored in wells. Water is then sprayed via deep farming techniques. It is noticeable that using water in this way uses only 25% of what it would use normally.

Mr Kumar informed that he is growing watermelons and muskmelons for the first time. He had to make an initial investment of Rs 60,000. Currently watermelons and muskmelons from the fields are making their way to Chas and Bokaro markets. Around 50 quintals of both fruits have been sold already.

Going to different villages, he is inspiring and encouraging farmers to grow watermelons and muskmelons. He feels during the lockdown, the economic condition of farmers has particularly gone from bad to worse and they need to learn ways of modern farming. Organic farming will bring more profits. Also fruits grown in such a way are better. He requested farmers to put in more effort, which would result in more profits; also farmers should take their products directly to the markets thereby eliminating middle men.

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