As Per Orders Of Bokaro DC, Containment Zone Declared In Street-11, Sector 9/B Bokaro Steel City.

Bokaro, COVID19

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Mukesh Kumar has informed that a person has reported positive for Coronavirus near Durga Temple, Street – 11, Sector 9/B in Bokaro Steel City. The person has been shifted to Covid-19 ward of Bokaro General Hospital and treatment has started. Also, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, exercising the powers conferred under sub-section 34 (B & C) of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, declared Containment Zone keeping the residence of the infected person as the focal point and imposed complete lockdown in the containment zone.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Mukesh Kumar said that the situation is under control, there is no need to panic. He informed that the Health Department team is working continuously. Contact History of the person is being traced and the department is working accordingly. If necessary, samples of other people will also be examined.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Mukesh Kumar informed that the work of sanitizing the house and surrounding areas of the infected person is also going on. People need not be afraid and should cooperate with the government and district administration in fighting the global epidemic by using masks and following social distancing.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Mukesh Kumar said that according to the guidelines issued by the government, Containment Zone has been declared with the residence of the infected person as the focal point. He directed to follow the guidelines issued in letter and spirit.

Guidelines issues by the Deputy Commissioner for the infected areas:

  1. In the containment zone, no person shall be allowed to leave the house (except in case of exceptional circumstances).
  2. Arrangement for the delivery of essential commodities such as ration, milk, medicines, vegetables, etc. on the basis of payment as per requirement of the people in the containment areas.
  3. Special care of cleanliness will be taken by keeping the area completely sanitized.
  4. Deputation of police officers and police force in the containment areas will be ensured.
  5. If reports are received of a person being ill, medical team will be immediately sent to provide proper treatment and medicines etc.
  6. It will be ensured that ration is available to all eligible beneficiaries through PDS shop and those who do not have ration card but fall in the extremely poor category, then the food grains will be made available with dry ration provided at the panchayat and block level as an alternative.
  7. If any government vehicle enters sealed areas, those vehicles should be sanitized with a solution of one percent hypochlorite solution when they exit the area.

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