Balcony (Chajja) Falls On Roof In BSL Quarter In Sector 9, People, Narrow Escape For Residents.

Bokaro, News

BSL Administrations has been stating from more than a year that repair work in BSL quarters will be done. But all of this has remained only on paper. No work has been done yet on the repair. Hence residents are forced to live in unsafe quarters.

There has been an increase in parts of the quarters falling off. Another incident was reported this week where part of the balcony fell on the asbestos roof in Sector 9 Street 34. The roof of the house on which the balcony fell, gave in. The only saving grace was that no one was hurt. Residents tell that this is a common happening. The risk increases during rains. Multiple applications and requests have been made to the administration but there has been no major progress yet.

Last year around five thousand quarters were identified in 639 blocks which needed immediate repairs. These quarters are to be repaired on priority along with routine maintenance. Planning was put in place to have immediate repair work done in these quarters. However, work has not started yet. Additionally, 165 quarters in 12 blocks were identified unsafe and they had to be demolished. Some quarters were demolished. However, no attention has been given to repair work by the administration.

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