Bokaro SP Warns against Spreading Communal Hatred on Social Media.

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Police Superintendent Mr. P. Murugan has issued directions to all the groups of social media and Admins and members that any kind of objectionable / communal posts in the group will be subjected to strict legal action and the group Admin will be considered responsible for the post.

Taking reference of police action against offensive remarks in the social media groups by the non-social elements in the past, Mr. Murugan said that Admin and the member will have to inform about any objectionable information / post for maintaining mutual harmony and peace on the occasion of Holi. The district administration should be made aware without any delay so that timely action can be taken.

While issuing an appeal to the people, Mr. Murugan has also asked to not pay attention to any rumor because spreading rumors or spreading unrest in society is a punishable crime, for which the guilty can be jailed. He also gave Holi greetings to the citizens in the district.

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