BSL Preparing To Launch Drive Against Electricity Theft.

Bokaro, write-up

BSL administration will launch a drive against electricity theft as soon as lockdown is over. BSL Township Administration is preparing for it. The drive will be launched only after a formal order by the administration. Administration will also take help from police. BSL has previously launched drives in year 2018 and 2019. Each time the illegal connections were back after a few weeks itself.

Illegal connections from slums (Jhuggis) and ‘khatals’ near quarters consume more electricity than quarters itself. Although township administration has time and again take action, same situation returns after a few days. Electricity department says that the amount of electricity being stolen in Dhundibag, Sector 9 and Sector 1 would be enough to power street lights in the whole of Bokaro. BSL is losing lakhs per month due to electricity theft.

There are about 30,000 temporary shops, houses and khatals where electricity theft is taking place. Villages near the sectors are not included in the calculation. Once the electricity theft increases, power cuts become normal. People living in sectors suffer due to this. Representatives of various political parties stay away from commenting on the issue. While there are more than 20,000 people living in jhuggis and stealing electricity, 40,000 people who live in sectors who end up paying the bill and suffering. Political leaders do not want to make anyone angry and get in their bad books.

BSL has time and again launched drives against electricity theft. Wires are seized. Even then the power lines are restored as thieves do not fear only wires taken away as no other strict action is taken. Also BSL uses home guards and BSL security in these drives. They are responsible for illegal water connections, illegal constructions in quarters. Hence they are not able to do any follow up on electricity thefts.

People living in sectors also do not make any effort to stop illegal connections even though they have to live without electricity for hours due to this. If the people in sectors decide to not let theft taking place the drive will be more successful. Electricity theft has almost developed into a business for some with agents taking Rs.500-1000 from each household to which they provide illegal connection.

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