Criminal Cases Come Down During Lockdown In Bokaro And Chas.

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The country has been under lockdown since 24th March due to Coronavirus spread. Criminal activities also seem to have done down during this period. According to records from Chas block, in the 30 day period from 14 April to 14 May, a total of 163 cases were registered. The highest number of cases 55 are for lockdown violation. On an average 200 cases were reported in a month before lockdown. A total of 613 cases were registered in the first 3 months of the year with 214 reported in January, 198 in February and 201 in March. Since the start of April to the 17th of May, there have been a total of 201 cases registered. The trend shows that there has been a reduction in criminal activities during lockdown.

Chas police station reported the most number of cases during lockdown. 21 cases of theft and fights were reported while 13 were for lockdown violation. Chandankyari police station was second with 12 cases of lockdown violation and 14 cases of theft and fights. B S City police stations had 17 cases reported for small incidents while 5 cases were for lockdown violation. Harla police station had 12 cases for theft and fights while 6 cases for lockdown violation. 13 cases for incidents and 2 for lockdown violation were registered at Balidih police station. Pindajora did not report any case of lockdown violation though there were a total of 12 cases registered for small incidents. Siyaljori police station had 3 cases each for incidents and lockdown violation. Sector 12 police stations received 5 cases for criminal activities while 4 cases were registered for lockdown violation. 7 cases for small incidents and 4 for lockdown violation were reported at Sector 4 Police station. 2 cases each for incidents and lockdown violation were recorded at Marafari police station.

Reports from various police station show that major incidents like murder, loot, rape have been close to nil in terms of numbers. The incidents reported are mostly about theft, abuse and fights. One of the major reasons for this is policemen being present on all main roads, check posts and markets in the city. To make sure citizens follow lockdown rules, about 2 thousand policemen and officers have been deployed along with 1200 policemen from Group 4 and 600 home guards. District administration officers are also putting in effort throughout the 24 hours to help maintain law and order situation.

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