District Administration, Ranchi Prepares 7000 ICU Grade PPEs Costing Just INR 250 Each.

COVID19, Jharkhand, write-up

PPE Kits are being prepared by the district administration in Ranchi to cover for the ever-increasing demand due to coronavirus. The kits being made are compliant with SITRA (South India Textile Research Association) Standards. According to Ranchi DC Rai Mahimapat Ray, the cost of preparing kits is just Rs. 250 each.

Seven thousand ICU level PPE kits have been prepared till now. They will be handed over to the civil surgeon of Ranchi. A target of 15,000 kits has been set for the next few days. The civil surgeon will decide how and where to use these kits.

The administration has used CSR funds to prepare PPE kits. In this regard, Ranchi DC said that Arvind Mills has played a major role in the preparation. The raw material used in the preparation of the kits was given by the district administration. The company’s employees then prepared the kits. The development with help address the issue of shortage of kits.

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