Doctors, Nurses From Bokaro Sadar Hospital To Stay In Quarantine.

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Reports from true net tests for some doctors and health care workers from Sadar Hospital, Bokaro have come suspect for coronavirus infection. Their samples have been sent to PMCH Dhanbad for confirmation. Doctors, Nurses, drivers will stay in government quarantine as a precaution.

True net tests, though are not taken as a confirmation of Corona infection. Confirmation is only given by testing in lab. Tests for 55 doctors, nurses and drivers were done via true net machine out of which 6 reports have come as suspect. Civil surgeon Dr Ashok Kumar Pathak informed that only negative reports from this machine are accepted. As reports have come out suspect, hence samples have been sent to PMCH for confirmation and the health care workers have been put in government quarantine.

According to government guidelines, samples can only be collected in presence of an ENT specialist. However this is not followed. If samples are not collected in correct way, true net machine gives inaccurate reports. A person’s report had come positive last week, when checked again after 3 days, report came negative. Persons who do not have the degree of lab technician have been put into task of collecting samples. Lab in-charge has not yet been recruited for monitoring. Civil Surgeon had said before that only those persons can conduct tests who have taken training for true net machine.

Civil surgeon’s orders are not being followed. He had prepared roster for sample collection and testing. Although roster is followed for sample collection, it is not being followed for testing. The rosters have not been prepared shift wise but three people have been allocated to the task. Civil surgeon Dr Ashok Kumar Pathak informed that he roster will be improved shortly.

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