Government takes initiative to develop Gawai Barrage as tourist destination.

Bokaro, News

Gawai Barrage will be developed as tourist destination. The government has taken initiative for this. The beautification of the picnic spot in its initial stage with 25 lakhs to be spent. Canal and Dam work is being done at Gawai Barrage at the cost of 130 crore. After completion of the work, the tourism department will develop the place as a tourist destination in the second phase. This picnic spot has been attracting people. In the first month of the year, a large number of people from Chas, Bokaro and Purulia district of West Bengal come here for picnics. Listening to popular demand, Tourism Minister has instructed to develop it as a tourist destination. Under this, shade, toilets, benches, flower beds etc. will be constructed in the first phase. In the second phase lights, fountains, swings, etc. will be installed. Street lights will be installed on both sides of the road from the NH to Gawai Barrage.

Gawai Barrage is Chas and Chandankiyari’s ambitious plan. Chief Minister Raghuvar Das laid its online foundation in December 2018. Under this scheme 4636 hectares of farmers of 54 villages of Chas and Chandankiyari block will be irrigated. Water will reach through Kandhia, Obra, Pindra Jora, Kaliyadabar and Tupara to Simulia village, about 40 km from Chandankiyari, through this canal. While the length of the canal is about ten km, it will provide water to many villages including Amadih, Kendadih, Jareka, Pokharana, Kumbharadaga. In order to attract more tourists to this place, the government is investing in developing this place as a tourist destination.

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