Panic At Bokaro Sadar Hospital After Corona Test Kit Breaks And Goes Into Throat Of Pregnant Woman.

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There was chaos and panic at Sadar Hospital in Bokaro after a corona test kit broke during the process of collecting samples and parts of it went into the throat of the pregnant woman whose samples were being collected. The incident results in panic at the hospital and the woman eventually had to be referred from to PMCH Dhanbad. The family took the woman to Dhanbad. On arrival at Mahuda, the woman felt like vomiting and during vomit, the piece came out of the throat. With all in control, the family returned to Bokaro. This incident of the kit breaking during the collection of sample for coronavirus infection test is probably the first such case in the country.

The doctors and health care workers at Sadar hospital went into a state of panic as soon as the incident happened and reported the incident to Bokaro civil surgeon Dr. Ashok Kumar Pathak. Doctors tried to remove the broken kit from the woman’s throat, but were not successful. Dr Pathak rushed to Sadar hospital and referred the woman to PMCH, Dhanbad for better treatment. Civil surgeon Dr Ashok Kumar Pathak denied any negligence in the case. He said that the stick breaking is not a big deal and is the first such incident. The woman actually felt uncomfortable and was terrified during the process of sample collection. She started to move due to which the kit broke and piece entered the throat. He said that the incident did not occur due to any negligence, but conceded that technicians should have been extra cautious.

The woman and her family were very concerned. The victim Uma Devi is a resident of Chas Fruit Mandi. The pregnant woman was to be shifted to Patliputra Medical College and Hospital, Dhanbad for treatment but with the piece coming out, they were relieved and returned back.

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