Parent Teacher Meeting Conducted On Virtual Platform By DPS Chas On Friday.


Innovating the way to conduct meetings in this Covid-19 period, DPS Chas conducted Parent Teacher Meeting for students of Classes Nursery to X on 31st July through virtual platform. Parents of classes Nursery to V joined the meeting via the Google meet through links provided to them and classes VI to X attended it through Google Classroom. Instructions were shared with the parents in advance on how to connect via the virtual platform.

A power point presentation was shared with all the parents showcasing the activities of the school of this session in this pandemic time. The presentation also included creative worksheets on integrated curriculum and art integration for assessments. These worksheets are planned is such a way so that 21st century skills like creative and critical thinking can be developed among students. The teachers shared the academic progress of the students assessed through various modes of interactions with students and projects prepared by students.

Dr. Hemlalta S Mohan, Chief Mentor, DPS Chas, said that collaboration of parents and teachers is crucial for growth of the child. Together they initiate the betterment of the child, encouraging potentials, giving them wings to traverse the heights and achieving success.

Officiating Principal, P Shailaja Jayakumar said that behind every confident child is a parent and a teacher who believe in the worth and uniqueness of the child. Their mutual support facilitates the growth of the children in a secure environment. At this stage where meetings are only conducted via virtual platform, the role of parents as well as the teachers get defined with a new dimension and it takes creativity, skill and vigilance to check that the right knowledge is being imparted to the children. The child’s performance is the responsibility of both the parents and teachers. It is important to remember that the child’s upbringing always combines a classroom and home but this is specially important in the Covid era. The PTM was highly interactive as parents developed a rapport with the teachers and shared their observations through a Google feedback form.

Parents were enthusiastic and appreciative about the PTM and were thankful for all the efforts made by the school in facilitating the virtual connect between the teachers, students and parents.

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