Shri Brianchi Narayan – Leader by Heart.


Shri Biranchi Narayan, MLA of Bokaro Steel City occupied a unique place in the evolution of the socialist thought in Bokaro, Jharkhand. He is the first socialist thinker in Jharkhand who believes in true development of overall society. His dynamic and uninhibited approach to various problems distinguished him from other political leaders. Shri Biranchi Narayan showed great originality in his enunciation of development.

BJP believed in Shri B. Narayan, as he must have power and organization so that it can use them in the service of whatever action may be deemed appropriate at the time for betterment of Bokaro. In order to build up such power and organization the party should continually strive to become a spokesman of the people, organizer of its will, resister against injustice and accomplisher of reconstruction. Shri B. Narayan is ready to take part in constructive action to be enlightened by it in turn and to resist injustice.

Equality and development is central point of our Shri Narayan agenda. In his own words, “Development and generating employment in Bokaro is his main agenda for each and every section of the people . Unless, we are careful it may deteriorate into a doctrine of inequality. According to him equality did not mean identity of treatment or identity of reward. Because this was not possible as far as capacity and need of people differed. Equality to him was an abstract concept, an emotion and perhaps a wish that all arrangements political, social, or economic, shall be equal as between one individual and another.

Equality stood for such an arrangement forces that each may get its due i.e. balancing a share in the toil of living with a share in its gain. He maintained that if there was no equality among the individuals and also among the nations, justice, human dignity, morality, brotherhood, freedom and universal welfare could not flourish in society.

In order to make progress in socio-economic direction of Bokaro, it is necessary for the overall growth of each and every section of society. Shri Narayan also wanted to reorganize the educational system and employment opportunities for locals youth of Bokaro Steel City. There was need to liquidate mass literacy. Shri Narayan, was of the view that the Bokaro must take up the task of spreading literacy and imparting efficient education to the whole population as its first and foremost duty. He believes that, “the education up to the Middle standard should be free and compulsory and that educational facilities should be provided free or cheap at higher stages, particularly to the poorer sections of the society.

Recently, Shri B. Narayan visited Delhi with the Proposal to set world class Aviation Training institute and Sports Stadium in Bokaro, hence it will provide employment opportunities for the local people. Shri Narayan is working tirelessly for the development in employment sector of Bokaro. During his tenure and in the coming future there are many positive initiatives taken by him for the betterment of life of Bokaro people. We need more leaders like Shri Biranchi Narayan, at central level who can work for the development of the people. By and large Shri B. Narayan is the voice for voiceless and an upcoming future Giant leader from Bokaro Steel City.

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