Traffic Rules Laid Aside on all Crossings on National Highway; Accidents Galore.

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Along with Asia’s largest steel plant, Bokaro is home to former Chief Minister Sibu Soren, Hemant Soren and other ministers, along with a VIP region in terms of education and healthcare. But when the attention moves to obeying traffic rules, it does not seem that they can be brought under control in the district. Two national highways NH 32 and 23 cross through Bokaro. There are 4 crossings in the 4 km stretch from Ukreed more to Railway crossing, with zebra crossing preset at all of them. All these are only in names and traffic rules are regularly broken resulting in the stretch becoming a danger zone. Accidents are on the rise here.

The traffic situation in Bokaro does not resemble a VIP town. All has been left to one traffic DSP and 2-3 sub inspectors. In a recent conducted check in the stretch from Ukreed more to railway crossing, many traffic violations were noticed. At all the crossings, traffic rules were nowhere to be seen. What came as a huge surprise was, there were no traffic policemen in the area ranging from Ukreed More, Bari Co-Operative More, Siwandih More and railway crossing. All Traffic signals were found to be dysfunctional. It is to be noted that half a dozen accidents have occurred in the past 2 months here resulting in 2 deaths as well. One BSL worker died in May while a person from Balidih lost his life in April.

Talking on this issue Madan Mohan Prasad Sinha, DSP Traffic, Bokaro said “In order to reduce road accidents, continuous awareness campaign has been conducted. By marking the sites where the number of accidents are high, the Deputy Commissioner has been given a letter urging him to meet with NHAI at his level and take measures for speeding vehicles at such places.”

In the stretch from Ukreed more to the railway crossing, dividers installed on the four lane highway were found to be broken at 22 points. This is a heavily populated area. Close to 50 thousand people live either side of the 4 km stretch. In order to cross the road a U turn has to be taken which can be 1 km away at times. Therefore, citizens have broken the divider at various places to create way. People use these spaces to cross roads and in absence of traffic rules, these become hotspots for accidents. Zebra crossings rules are also not obeyed at the 4 crossings. There is a stop line before the zebra crossing but in the absence of traffic policemen, there is no one to make sure rules are followed. The district association has identified many points as black spots however no concrete steps have been taken towards stopping traffic violations.


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