With Weather Change; Mosquitoes Come In Causing Havoc in State.

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With the arrival of rain, mosquitoes have started to create havoc in the state. Patients with mosquito-borne diseases have started visiting hospitals and clinics and started getting treatment in different districts of the state. As of June-July this year, 12 cases of Japanese encephalitis, 11 of chikungunya and 32 cases of dengue have been reported.

Two patients of Jagannathpur Basti, Ranchi suffering from Japanese encephalitis died in the past month (May 15 and May 21). Given the severity of diseases, especially Japanese encephalitis, the health department has issued an alert across the state. With the facility of treatment and inquiry in RIMS Ranchi, MGM Jamshedpur and PMCH Dhanbad, arrangements have been made in all the CHCs, sub-district hospitals and district hospitals in the state.

Most patients of Japanese encephalitis, chikungunya and Dengue have been found in Ranchi: In the case of these three diseases caused by mosquito, Ranchi has the highest number of patients in the state. A total of 12 patients have been found to be affected by the Japanese Encephalitis. There are two patients in Ranchi (two deaths), two in Ramgarh and one each in Garhwa, Giridih, East Sihahbhum, Dumka, Dhanbad, Palamu, Saraikela and Gumla. Out of a total of 32 patients of Dengue found, 11 cases were reported in Ranchi, 9 in East Singhbhum, 3 in Hazaribagh and one each in Palamu, Deoghar, Latehar, Lohardaga, Chatra, West Singhbhum, Simdega, Sahibganj and Jamtada. However, 11 patients of Chikungunya have seven patients in Ranchi and one each in Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Khunti, and East Singhbhum. .

Last year, 66 patients of Japanese encephalitis and 358 patients of dengue were reported. Last year 66 patients of Japanese encephalitis were found in the state. 14 people in Ranchi, 8 each in Gowda and Jamtara, seven in East Singhbhum, 5 in Saraikela, 4 each in Sahibganj and Bokaro, 3 in Palamu, 2 each in Latehar, Dhanbad and Giridih and 1 each in Chatra, Devghar, Dumka, Garhwa, Hazaribagh, PEG and Koderma. Last year, 358 patients of dengue were found in the state. 93 cases were found in Ranchi whereas 67 patients were in East Singhbhum, of which one patient died in TMH, Jamshedpur. Additionally, 46 cases of Dengue were reported in Dhanbad, 25 in Sahebganj, 20 in Giridih, 17 each in Garhwa and Hazaribagh, 11 in Deogarh, 10 each in Bokaro and Palamu, 9 in Simdega, 4 in West Singhbhum, 2 in Saraikela, 3 in Ramgarh, there were 1 in Lohardaga, 3 in Latehar, 7 in Koderma, 1 in Khunti, 5 in Gumla, 1 in Godda, 4 in Dumka and 2 in Chatra.

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